FAQ – Unique Vinyl Designs, llc

FAQ - Unique Vinyl Designs, llc

Why is shipping so expensive?

We send you everything you need to install your decal that you probably don’t have laying around your house. This includes detailed instructions and  a squeegee making our package a bit heavier than if we sent only your decal. We also provide a tracking number with each shipment. We find that even with something as small as our decals this added service is worth the piece of mind to our customers.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, US customers can receive free shipping with a $50 order and customers outside the US can receive free shipping with orders over $200 (sorry, shipping outside the States is rather more expensive).

What countries do you ship to?

At this time we offer shipping wherever USPS or UPS ship to, which is almost worldwide. If you can receive mail than we most likely ship to you.

Do you do custom orders?

Sorry, at this time we are not accepting custom orders. Please check back later as that option may become available.