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How Unique Vinyl Designs, llc become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our vinyl decals knows they are getting an authentic Unique Vinyl Designs decal worthy of their creative soul.

~ Laura Cummins
Unique Vinyl Designs, llc  CEO

Before I created Unique Vinyl Designs, llc, I grew up in a family owned custom apparel and awards shop.

My parents bought the store when I was in Kindergarten. Back then we only had to go for half a day, so mom would pick me up from school and I would spend the afternoon with her. My first job was counting customer’s change back to them.
As I got older I learned every aspect of the business from design to customer service. My husband and I even took over when my parents decided to retire.
Are we not still there? Because, it is in Michigan and we got the opportunity to move to Florida over a decade ago. My parents did not begrudge us the chance to move to a warmer climate (in fact they now love being snowbirds).
We bounced around Florida a bit before settling in the Miami area where our son was born and my husband got a wonderful job.
One day my husband was laid off. As the main bread winner it was a terrible blow. It took several months and an ever widening of his job search location before he found a new job, all the way on the other side of the state.
I thought, “This is the perfect time to start my own business.”
I always loved designing and my wonderful husband had given me a vinyl cutter for Christmas the previous year. I decided to set out to create the most unique vinyl decals for the most creative souls in the world.
Here we are. I hope you enjoy the designs I have created for you.